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Hair clippies for all! April 1, 2010

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I have long been enamored of my yo-yo maker. Recently I picked up a flower yo-yo maker as well. But instead of following the instructions precisely, I figured out a way to flip the little flowers around into what I think is a much cuter  rosette. Like so:

Now I’m going crazy affixing my fabric pinwheels and flowers to bobby pins and hair clips. A few examples:

I’m also working with fabulous local shop Street Scene (purveyor of vintage goodies and stylish fabulousness) as a consigning artist. You can visit my display there (last spotted near the cash register desk, although they do change up the decor in there from time to time so it could move about). I stopped by a week after my first consignment to find that the small flower hair pins had sold out, so I left a few more…but I think I’m going to need to make even more this weekend. I did leave them with a plentiful supply of the single-pinwheel hair pins, adorned with cute buttons.

This venture started as me just goofing around, making hair accessories for myself, and has turned into a great deal of fun. I’ve taken some custom orders from friends and colleagues, and am working with a friend who is interested in organizing a group order on behalf of some moms who want to deck out their wee girls for summer.

(Yes, little girls seem to enjoy wearing these, but I feel that they look equally lovely on 30 year olds.)

You can find my burgeoning hair clippie empire at www.southerngirlknits.etsy.com, or as mentioned you can visit Street Scene to check out an in-person display. I also love doing custom orders, so if you have ideas just let me know.

And now, my favorite pic – the multiple hair clippie extravaganza, as modeled by my awesome co-worker Jenny W.:


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