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A blooming sense of peace April 13, 2010

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There’s a tree (I think an apple tree) next to an abandoned house near my office. I walk past it at least twice a day. Right now it has the loveliest pink and white blossoms I have ever seen.

Last Friday when I walked by I snapped off a piece of a branch with several blossoms, and set the branch on the dashboard of my car. As I drove home, I touched it, and the petals were so light that I could barely feel them. When I got home, I stuck it in some water, in a place where I could see it while sitting on the sofa. And for a while I just contemplated it.

I was filled with this overwhelming love for the world outside me, and amazement that something so mundane (how many billions of trees are there in the world?) could be made with such exquisite detail. The petals had the faintest pink tinge around the edges, with white centers. The leaves were a perfect yellowish green.

Faith in religion, in God, in a higher power – whatever you want to call the belief that some people have – has often been hard for me. But contemplating those blossoms, I felt reassured that there was some sort of power bigger than us humans.

Yes, I know there is a scientific reason for the blossoms (to attract bees, to continue pollination) and all the other features of the tree. But what sparked my faith was the very fact that I was capable of perceiving beauty – the fact that something called “beauty” exists, and that it can impact our souls. The fact that this world is so richly complicated reassures me.


Freshly-cut Flowers o’ Fabric April 6, 2010

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Just finished some new hair accessories for young Miss Haleigh Ann. I worked with Haleigh’s mom, Hollye, when she was expecting Haleigh, so I feel like we go way back.

Since these are for a little girl, I attached more secure alligator clips instead of bobbie pins – to add a little more grip for fine baby hair.


Amy Sedaris and her fabulous crafty gift January 22, 2009

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The inimitable Amy Sedaris appeared on the Chelsea Handler show, and brought with her a very special craft project. In other news, I love Amy’s dress and shoes.
Warning: This may not be safe for work if your work objects to the word “vagina” or cuddly felt crafts resembling vaginas.

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5 things x 4 January 12, 2009

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I saw this on Dana’s blog, so I’m going to do it too.

5 things in my bag:
*Denise needle set
*Rx medicine
*Bath and Body Works gift card from Brother

5 favorite things in my room:
*flannel sheets
*Tempur-pedic pillow
*Ironing board/iron (I love pressing my clothes)
*Very retro glowing alarm clock (birthday gift from Boyfriend)

5 things I have always wanted to do:
*Live in the UK again
*finish my @#$@#%@# Ph.D. program
*write and publish a short story
*develop a regular, healthy exercise regimen
*grow old as a delightfully eccentric woman

5 things I am currently into:
*organizing my sewing/knitting/craft area
*trying to focus on my real job
*spending time with loved ones (family/boyfriend/friends)
*vintage shopping
*trying to eliminate nasty chemicals from my home and environment


Etsy + Paypal… January 7, 2009

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= trouble. Finding incredibly cute handmade objects and being able to buy them with a few clicks is way too easy. I have my Etsy password saved on my computer, so the only actual typing I have to do is my PayPal password. Then *poof* money is spent and adorable objects are on their way. Way too easy. I must stay away from Etsy for the remainder of the month.


How’s my job? January 6, 2009

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Last night I ran into an acquaintance who, as people do this time of year, asked me how my holidays had been. I told her that my break was lovely (mostly true). Then, with a tone of intense curiosity she asked “How is your job going?” Something in her voice made it sound like she thought I had started a new job or had a big life change.

I said “Well, I’ve been doing it about four and a half years so I guess…the same?”

She said “I’m just so happy to have a job now.”

Perhaps I’m slow, but I thought she meant she had been unemployed for a while. So I asked “Were you, um, without a job for a while?”

“Oh no,” she said. “I just mean that right now I’m so happy to be an employed person.”

So there you have it. “How’s your job?” is the new greeting, even among people who have been doing the same thing for years. And I suspect that often people don’t just mean “How’s it going?” but “How secure is your job?”.

Thankfully, I feel pretty secure in my employment. I have a sort-of state job (public university employees don’t get the same retirement system as state employees, but we do get similar benefits). I have very good health insurance, a kickass retirement contribution plan (even if my 403b did lose some money last quarter) and free college tuition (even if the government is going to begin taxing that benefit). I generally like my coworkers and supervisors, although I wish they’d quit it already with the homemade candy and bakery items (because I have no willpower). We did not get raises last year, and due to the budget situation are unlikely to get them this year, which makes me sad as my rent has continued to go up.

I am doing something that directly corresponds to my graduate degree, and I get to put my undergrad liberal arts background to use as well. I do have frustrations with my work. Sometimes people (I’m looking at you, certain faculty members) are downright mean, and there have been disappointments for me when the powers that be made decisions that limited my ability to pursue the areas that really interest me.

But overall? In these times of economic woe, I guess I have to admit that my job is actually fairly good. How many people can say that they even partially enjoy their work, or that they feel pretty secure right now? That’s how my job is.


DIY Yarn Wreath December 22, 2008

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Have you seen the yarn-themed decor at Starbucks this season? I love the red and green wreaths combining ornaments and yarn balls. If you can’t convince your neighborhood Starbucks to give the wreaths to you after Christmas, or if you like the idea but would prefer a different color scheme, it looks like they would be pretty easy to make. I found this wonderful tutorial on Deep Fried Kudzu. She sticks the balls together using wire, but I’ve also contemplated buying a round wire wreath frame from the craft store and affixing the balls to that. I think I’ll try this using colors that match my bedroom, and maybe a blue and white one for my office on campus. Because I’m just crazy enough to want to surround myself with yarn 24/7.